Container Offices

Our converted shipping containers are excellent solutions for job site field offices, temporary projects, or at-home office space. 

For our container office options, we have two sizes: 20’ and 40’, and each size can be built with either a new container or a used container.

If you are in need of a container office that can be built quickly, you have come to the right place. Not only can we produce a container office in a short period of time for your business needs, it’s also affordable and extremely sturdy!

And have we mentioned that you can also customize your container office? You can add options like doors, windows, custom paint, and more!

Commercial Builders -- We are now proud to offer financing options for you! Check out our partners at Billd for your terms and rates. 

Billd offers:
120-day terms for commercial construction | Enroll online & no cost to apply | Same-day turnaround  | Flexible terms and rates that align with the construction payment cycle

Call or email to consult with our container experts.