DIY Shipping Container Builds

Our Commitment to the DIY Container Crowd

We were founded on pro open source methodology which means free instructions to help our community grow. We started Bob's Containers to give people the necessary tools to develop custom shipping containers on their own. While much of our business revolves around actually building out the containers ourselves, we have always kept our eye on the DIY crowd. We are proud to start offering DIY Container Kits to help you build the container of your dreams. We have two options currently available to our DIY shipping container customers:

If you are looking to make a general inquiry regarding our DIY shipping container builds, you can fill out the form below. If you've already got a design in mind or have talked with one of our container consultants you can submit your diy container design here.

While we will not build out the whole container for you, we still do have some requirements when we deliver the container to your space. Here are our requirements for a successful delivery of your shipping container:

  • The delivery area is clean and clear. We will not drive over boulders, tree stumps, nails, glass, or puppies.
  • There is enough room. Our tilt trailer is 45 feet long, and there needs to be 100 feet of straight-line clearance space. We do not have crane trucks. If you can back in a 40' trailer then we can deliver.
  • The delivery area ground needs to dry. We do not deliver in mud, sand, or water. Our equipment and loaded container will be heavy and might get stuck.
  • How do you want it loaded? When you book, please confirm whether you want your container doors to face the cab or the rear of the truck. This will determine the position of the doors when a container is dropped off.

Be sure to reach out if you are at all interested in a DIY container build. We can help you understand the hurdles to overcome and develop a plan with you to make your shipping container dreams come to life.