Sell Your Container

Do you have a used shipping container that you no longer need and want to sell? Follow the link here to join us as a seller and follow the step by step instructions below! Your product will show on our marketplace page!

Step 1. Click the link above and get redirected to the seller page. Click "Join Now."
Step 2. Create your seller account by filling out the form.
Step 3. When successfully logged in, you should see this Dashboard page.
Step 4. Click "PRODUCTS" and then "PRODUCTS LISTING"
Step 5. Create your container listings here by clicking the green "+ADD PRODUCT" button!
Step 6. Fill out your product information including name, type, description, and price. And remember to upload images!
Step 7. Make sure the collection is selected as "Buy from Marketplace." This is very important if you want your container listing to show up on the right page!
Step 8. Check out your listing on our website! Let us know if you have any questions or issues.